06 January 2012

Messi-Cesc: The most diabolical offensive tandem

Messi and Cesc added 44 goals between them of 99 Barça and scoring 25 assists, is no stranger to the incidence in 80% of matches.

Cesc left Arsenal with the avowed purpose polish as a "big player" in Barça. With the new location tactics making him false Pep 9 and Messi at his side, the Arenys is multiplying your records. "Leo makes others better," he said upon arrival at the Camp Nou and the time you give the reason. His doublet at Osasuna in the Copa del Rey brings to 13 the statistical scorer this season. Your top 19 in the Premier League, achieved two seasons ago, will soon be history.

Cesc returned home thinking about winning the titles with the British resisted him and quickly got to work. It started in the European Super Cup and he has not stopped. Of the 21 games he has played (Barça has 30 officers), has been midfielder door 11. Those achieved at Porto, Athletic, Real Madrid and, above all, against the Saints in the final of Club World are, at present, the most significant. But it also has assists in four games. Checking and attending only one. He went to Osasuna in La Liga.

One of the keys to understanding the reinvention of this boat is the rapport between Cesc and Messi and his contribution to the team: in 24 games of the 30 the one or the other have had an impact in solving the game, with goals or delivering definitive care , an excellent 80% that says it all. Of course, the contribution of the Argentinian star is somewhat unusual. Accumulate at this point in season 31 goals, one party insurance and is poised to dwarf the record 53 of its staff. He has scored in 17 games, making four doubles and as many hat tricks' but the most notable, and perhaps least it applauds, is its ability to assist a colleague. No fewer than 11 games has led to the goals of others. In your case, setting and assisting are seven games. CR7 or equals it.

Cesc and Messi are understood to perfection with a through ball and nobody can argue. Between them they have 44 goals out of 99 officers. Demonstrated to be about children and today, eight seasons after their separation, nothing has changed. Together they have celebrated at least one goal in eight games each: Porto, Villarreal, Osasuna, Viktoria, Athletic, Levante, Santos and Osasuna Cup again in fact, to the Navarre, but in the league, which ended with that strong 8 -0, gave and received. Cesc and Messi have coincided in the starting nine times, and almost all of them have alternated moving the point of attack and creating space. In the five games that the Argentine was left out (selection, need to rest or vacation), the former Arsenal has taken his place. And always with success. (via MD)