05 January 2012

Messi also knows how to dribble to the flu

He was discharged at noon and ended up playing.

At 13:04 in yesterday's noon, a medical official statement of the club announced Leo Messi's drop for the Barça-Osasuna of the night, suffering from a bout of flu with fever. Shortly after 21.00, when the delay in announcing the lineups did suspect the possibility of an incident not only added to that of Leo, but also that of Valdes , also low by flu and a fever, the surprise was to see writing of the name of Argentine striker in the final list and sitting on the bench of the alternates. It was as far from the field that got sent to Leo between Dr. Pruna and Guardiola on his return from the long Christmas break.

In record time, Messi was applied to the treatment and improved enough to get to the stadium, passing a review, enlist in the army against Osasuna and made ​​available to the coach. All indications are that have stayed at home would have been counterproductive, with the risk of worsening the patient, something abnormal in any other player but not in the case of Messi, hooked to football to life.

In minute 50, when he jumped to warm to the sideline, the stage collapsed, most did not have Leo or to the bench and ended up watching play and score.

The stubbornness and strength of the front had forced the club to contracomunicar another official note which said low input should speak in the call just after nine p.m. (via MD)