04 January 2012

Mendilibar: "To eliminate Barça would be a miracle"

Osasuna coach José Luis Mendilibar, has described as "miracle" to eliminate the Barcelona and has indicated that it is necessary that the Barca team have a "bad day" to get a good result at the Camp Nou game.

"Barcelona are the best team in the world and everything has been said that," said Mendilibar at a press conference after training in Tajonar before leaving the city. "It will be complicated. Some of his players arrived yesterday, today train and are not noticeable. The others have to do pre-season and a lot of things to get well and they do not even needed it," he assured.

The vizcaíno coacht has pointed out that Osasuna travels to Barcelona in a good moment after a gust of seven parties without to lose and to end up the year 2011 in fifth position, but has stated that there is a difference between the two "big" of the League and the other teams. "There is much difference between the first two and the rest there is no competition possible. They are the two best in the league and the world. So you have to wait for them to have a bad day, because although you can do if they are an amazing time and you put losing, "he opined.

He indicated that the goal is to "get to Pamplona next week with a possibility" and has argued that the embedded 8-0 at Camp Nou in La Liga in September or affect the team tomorrow and will determine its approach. "The conditions I do not win tomorrow's approach, but we must learn from what we did well that day and if we can improve something. If we learn from mistakes and they have more difficulty we get a result. If we make the same mistakes sure we will get for your hair, "he said.

Mendilibar has stated that Osasuna must play "super concentrated" and must "be well" to compete against Barcelona: "Let's see how they catch you with them: whether they are still on vacation." "Some may say that how well we are going to Barcelona. All we intend to say that I do not know what or who knows how many and return all with a bag of goals. He who does so is because Barça has not taken the time, but has had them, "he observed.
Basque coach said it would be good for all staff to follow Osasuna live in the Cup: "I always said that when the computer is it is important that everyone feels eager to return to training because he knows he is at least a competition or a game, "" There will be minutes for the entire world. In that sense, we will see if there can be no miracle and two cup matches, "he said.

When asked about Barcelona's initial request to change the order of the matches, Mendilibar said: "They said it was in the country. I do not know if it was an excuse or not, there has been". "They were the ones who raised the initiative. The federation does not seem to have been left or been pushed back before he said anything the federation. The draw was not. We did not consider or why it was or if we played first at home or outside, "he concluded. (via SPORT)