13 January 2012

Maxwell: "I lived in Barcelona a football lesson"

The Brazilian Maxwell was presented Thursday as a new player in the Paris Saint-Germain, a club praised for his "ambition to win titles and grow".

"The motivation was to come of the project and the prospects for a club that is willing to grow," said the former player of Barcelona, ​​who signed with the French organization for the next three years.

Maxwell, 30, who has spent two and a half seasons at the Catalan club, where he arrived from Inter Milan, Barcelona said he left "many friends" and a great learning experience. "It was a period in which I learned a lot of things, a lesson in football," said the Brazilian.

Despite acknowledging that "the current level of Barcelona is very high," Maxwell was not considered the ambassador of the philosophy of the game in their new destination. "I will try to adapt to whatever you ask the coach (Carlo Ancelotti), which has proven he knows how to win many titles," he said.

"The biggest hope here is to win, win, learn more, try to contribute something positive to the group and that work is rewarded with titles," he said.

Before signing for PSG, Maxwell spoke of the club with teammate Eric Abidal and Barcelona said he also met his compatriot Nene, who agreed on the selection under-23.

Maxwell left Barça 74 games, 3 goals and 10 degrees after

It was July 15, 2009 when Barça reached an agreement with Inter Milan to sign Maxwell for 5 million euros advantage then held talks with the Italian club by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who also shared with Max Mino Raiola as a representative. Seventy-four games, three goals, ten titles and two and a half years after it Raiola has led to the PSG, Barca will pay 4 million euros. Maxwell, who in his first season he played 32 games and he even played the title to Abidal in the left lane, you have not felt a major part of the Pep Guardiola.

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