22 January 2012

Maximum tension in the locker room

The defeat against Barcelona last Wednesday has left some wounds in the Real Madrid dressing room that can be lethal if not heal quickly. The 1-2 has been accompanied by a series of reproaches between Jose Mourinho and some of the heavyweights of the template that has blown up living together in the last 48 hours.

The hardest episode took place last Friday in the first training post Clásico. There Mou called Chapter the holders to analyze the match against Barcelona and what began as a talk ended up being a war of words between staff and players.

There were many players who participated in the meeting, but few spoke as clear as Sergio Ramos. The central Seville, as the second captain did not hesitate to expose their views Mou whenever he disagreed with the statements of his coach.

The first brush between Mou and Ramos came when the coach asked for protection to the media . Portuguese is felt only in the defeat and so he sent word to his players. And is that when Mourinho said after the defeat of only one parent said about something. He believes that his players lost their good manners, especially to the heart of the Spanish, and upbraided them the lack of firmness to criticism.

"I have killed in the mixed zone"
"I have killed in the mixed zone," said Mou looking Ramos, player was not shown at all satisfied with the approach of his coach. Sergio is not silent: "No, mister, you have read only what you put in the press, not everything we said."

The Spanish, according to the press extraprotegidos Mou
Mou believes that Spanish players are extraprotegidos for his "friends in the press," as says the Luso-and care more about saving the good relationship with international Barça to defend the Madrid, which is why only gives the face by players in the Portuguese press .

"You are angry with Iker and Xavi apologize, and do what Pepe did in the video yesterday, mister?"
At Arbeloa, Xabi, Iker and Ramos were not amused that different treatment, this being a source of conflict since the coach of Real Madrid reached the set target. "Tomorrow I will be the face to give the press conference," Mourinho insisted his players. "Sure, mister, is that you will not let us talk. Not give interviews or press conferences," answered some players, tired of having to follow a script the few times I go to the media. "You are angry with Iker and Xavi apologize, and do what Pepe did in the video yesterday, mister?" Said another player, denouncing the double standards.

Bronze Puyol's goal
but the trouble was also reached when analyzing Puyol's goal at the exit of a corner. Although the images clearly show that that gets lost Pepe, Sergio Ramos told Mourinho. In the pre-match team talk, Mou had ordered Seville defender Puyol marking, but during the course of the game the players decided to change brands. Mourinho and scolded him Sergio replied.

"What, now you play a coach?"
"Pique and Puyol were doing and decided to change screen markings," Ramos justified. "What, now you play a coach?" He said Mourinho. "No, but depending on the situation of the game, sometimes you have to change the markings. And as you've never dressed in short, knows that sometimes there are those situations," came the emphatic answer defense.

The tension was growing and there were several players who asked the player to calm down. One was Xabi Alonso, who'd just open his mouth during the meeting time.

Some of the players of Real Madrid have lost confidence in Mourinho following the approach of the last Clásico. The first thing I did not like most players were ultra-defensive system. Players do not understand why the coach changes the way you play consistently when the club face, giving to the attack and the ball.

In the corridors there were many post-game players who claimed that "eight defenses can not win a game." Players silent as Benzema, Higuain or Cristiano Ronaldo himself was the first to lament the racanería of his coach. "Madrid can not start earning a zero and get back," saying many players.

The alignment does not like it. In particular the case of Ricardo Carvalho, who returned to play against Barcelona after four months out of the team. Although Portuguese is a beloved player in the team, many players found it disrespectful to Varane or Albiol. The presence of novel Altintop surprised, but no player has dared to question it, as it is a player who has been training with the team throughout the season.

Players like Ozil, Marcelo walk or Kaka also upset with his role within the team this season. Within the template that Mou hated not only saved Cristiano Ronaldo's defeat in the Clásico. (via Marca.com)