05 January 2012

Mata: "Real Madrid and Barcelona are the favorites for the Champions League"

Chelsea forward believes that his team is only "a very nice goal to be fighting".

Juan Mata , Chelsea forward , said today that Real Madrid and Barcelona are "the favorites to win the Champions League," and said that for other teams like his continental competition is "a very nice goal to be to fight. "

"Undoubtedly Real Madrid and Barcelona are the favorites to win the European Cup, as there are great teams that have fallen by the wayside and others are on to something important. For Chelsea this competition is a very nice goal to be to fight, "said the player during a publicity event for EA Sports.

Regarding the Spanish League, Chelsea footballer said both Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​"will vie for the title," but said "it would be nice" than Valencia , his former team, it also strives to win, because "the is doing very well. "

Over his career in the London club Chelsea, where he arrived last summer, Mata was pleased with his "performance and adaptation to English football." "I am very pleased with the first months there. My good adaptation has been a surprise to for me. It is never easy at first but from the beginning I was lucky enough to play and take minutes, "he said.

In the English share a dressing room with Fernando Torres , also partner in the Spanish team, and is not enjoying many minutes as a starter so far this season. "In the last match against Wolverhampton Torres was very good. He played the whole game, I wanted to enjoy 90 minutes, and hopefully the beginning of a run of play because he is training very well," he said. "Fernando wants to help the team and is confident because the team and coach know how important it is. I have no doubt that until end of season to play, scoring goals and we will come in handy for the team," said.

Another of his colleagues in the English is the exbarcelonista Oriol Romeu , which he described as "a phenomenon". "With Oriol I'm a long time, we live in the same area and we train together. He's a good guy, hard worker, very complete, has the profile of English league in terms of profile and steal the Barca's ball touch. It is coming very well because it is a player who did not have, "he said.

Mata also wanted to talk about your goals for 2012 and explained that one of them is play the European Championship and, if possible, "also the Olympics." "I have not spoken to anyone from my club, I do not know whether it will or if the Spanish Federation will, but if I go for the Olympic Games and European Championships. For dates can be done, but first the goal is to make a good season to go, since that would make me very excited to go to both events, "he said.

For Euro will certainly David Villa , seriously injured in the past Club World Cup in Japan. "I talked to him a few days, I was very excited, optimistic, and although only had a week of rehabilitation therapists, was only thinking to recover for the Euro, "he said. "I think it will be because it will come, but with him or without him there is no problem with the forwards in the selection, there are many very good, we have Torres , Fernando Llorente , Aduriz or Soldado , as well he is doing especially very well and deserves to go to the team, "he said. (via MD)