16 January 2012

[Liga BBVA; Week19] FC Barcelona 5 - 0 Real Betis

Xavi and Messi Barca ahead of Ruben Castro and Santa Cruz tied and Alexis and Argentina, a penalty, they decided.

A point was to give Betis the stroke and pave the way for Real Madrid. He arrived at the Camp Nou with good etiquette and leaves with his head held high, as it did last year. Recovered from two early bird claws and had at Barcelona on the ropes until late in the game. Nobody had dared to desecrate the goal Barca's Camp Nou in La Liga in the last nine months and Betis made it twice. He held on a mammoth push Barca but the expulsion of Mario hopes eventually burst Betis.

The suffocating pressure of Seville brought together more than usual inaccuracies of Guardiola's team but still pulled out a crucial game for the League aspirations. Without margin, the Barcelona has the disadvantage of five points and so, like Real Madrid, in Mallorca, suffering.

The epidemic of injuries in the locker room did not stop Guardiola FC Barcelona Pique and Alves reserving think the Classic Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu. The back of Sampedor planted three defense with Puyol and Abidal Mascherano and Messi and Cuenca with Alexis. As expected, Betis did not betray their ideals. He clung to its values ​​of bold and touch football and could look twice guy Jorge Molina followed within ten minutes. If oil was removed by the intervention of Victor Valdes, immeasurable in both.

It proved a mirage in the middle of a desert quickly showed its worst side. In just two minutes, which elapsed between ten and twelve, the hopeful Betis was harassed by a sandstorm. Barcelona started the game with his blinding hypnotic ball to his opponent. Alexis made headway with a good pass to the one it unmarks of Cesc Fábregas and the Catalan's shot took advantage of it Xavi to celebrate its party 400 in League with goal. It was not the only one with reason and desire for celebration. Messi shared her third to the fans by way of goals. The Argentine squandered another great pass from the left Chile.

Many teams have gone down arms after suffering two goals before the quarter hour at the Camp Nou. Betis not. Fit the double blow up on time and knew. It took a few minutes to re-squared but the Betis team twenty minutes and was eager to spare thanks to pressure war and consistency in their game. They saw this way of about Valdés but Rubén Castro again it was not able to finish an Andalusian good triangulation. Betis jumped into the neck of Barcelona without regard to find its deserved reward. This time the attacker took another canary and got his chance to catch up and beat the goalkeeper of Barcelona in the league nine months later. Jorge Molina faced Valdes, left to Salva coming from behind and Castro took Mascherano's delay to catch up.

The propelled both Betis and his were the minutes of the match to Ecuador. Both coaches moved chips at the break. Cuenca replaced Alves and Roque Santa Cruz to Iriney. Mel's team ended the first half disheveled and faced the same way the second. His suffocating pressure building in the Barca was what finally turn all alarms at the Camp Nou. A field Iniesta theft Betis finished form the band left-handed meteoric where Ruben Castro rode until he saw the arrival of Roque Santa Cruz. The Paraguayan was in front, looked Valdes gave a lash set to put the tables.

The meeting was an ode to football. Barcelona wanted to put out the fire and save their precious booty Betis, without ever renouncing backlash. Then the figure of college resurfaced as it happened exactly a week ago. Churches Villanueva did not see a clear penalty in Jefferson on Andres Iniesta. The referee ended it with a Galician yellow for Fuentealbilla. Two minutes after the shower Villanueva sent a second yellow card Mario after a trip on Messi on the edge of area.

If you hold to Barcelona and was finding it very difficult for Betis, with one less player the company was almost unthinkable. Bankrupt, the team Betis eventually bend the knee to fifteen minutes to go through a low shot from Alexis Casto folded hands. The Nou Camp breathed and absolute tranquility Messi put a penalty of transforming Dorado. Barcelona, ​​like Madrid, brings his party to suffer. The distance does not change in three days and come face to face ... (via AS)

[Technical Data]
Barcelona: Valdés; Puyol, Mascherano, Abidal; Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta (Adriano, m.88), Cesc (Thiago, m.83); Alexis, Messi and Cuenca (Alves, m.46).

Betis: Casto; Isidoro, Dorado, Mario, Nacho; Cañas, Iriney (Roque Santa Cruz, m.46); Salva Sevilla (Matilla, m.57), Jefferson Montero, Rubén Castro and Molina (Ustaritz, m. 73).

Goals: 1-0, m.10: Xavi. 2-0, m.12: Messi. 2-1, m.32: Rubén Castro. 2-2, m.52: Roque Santa Cruz. 3-2, m.75: Alexis. 4-2, m. 85: Messi (penalty).

Referee: Iglesias Villanueva (Gallego Committee). He showed yellow card to Iriney (m.43), Messi (m.44), Salva Sevilla (m.46), Puyol (m.49), Mario (M.60), Iniesta (m.69), Matilla (m .80) and Dorado (m.85). He drove up two yellow cards to Mario (m.71).

Incidents: 69,889 spectators attended the match in game for the nineteenth day match at the Camp Nou. Before the game the team featured the Club World Cup, won at the end of the year in Japan, while Leo Messi gave the "Ballon d'Or" got a few days ago.