04 January 2012

The lesson of life of Soufian

TV3 program about a disabled child 11 years half a million thrills Catalan.
Guardiola has dedicated high praise: "It is an example of how to overcome the miseries".

"It is a lesson of life." Well describió Pep Guardiola's documentary 'Soufian, the boy who wanted to fly' ('Soufian, the child that drought fly'), about a child under 11 years old Moroccan who lives in Manlleu and that with 8 le amputaron the piernas due to a malformation. A documentary that moved to those more than half million of Catalan that saw it through TV3 that got a quota of screen of 15,2%.

Produced by TV3 sports department, specifically Santi Padró , Bernat Miró , Jesús Muñoz and Xavi Torres , the program tells the story of overcoming Soufian, without legs who manages to make a life as normal as possible with their peers school and his family in Barcelona Manlleu population. Parents, school principal, mentors, teachers and coaches, people close to Soufian agree that the child "may become what he wants" when he grows up, by sheer force of will. "He knows how to catch happiness," said his mother Ouafae . His positive attitude excites Leo Messi , whom he met on several occasions, as well as the famous actor TV3 series 'Polseres Vermelles' ('Red Rings') Alex Monner . Messi talked with him, played on the lawn of the Ciutat Esportiva, dedicated prostheses and came to dedicate a goal legs touching.

During the film, Argentina Soufian tells: "I admire you." This morning, at a press conference, Guardiola has also noted that "the strength of the child is extraordinary, says it all, is an example of how it must overcome the miseries of this life." Pep also had words for his parents ("They are an example of integration and have given a lesson by which politicians") and TV3: "I congratulate all those who have made this wonderful documentary and the director of TV3, which hell of a television. Hopefully for many years to continue programs such as emotional. " (via MD)