21 January 2012

Keita: "I speak a little... and less with the coaches"

The African Player sail three days only weapons his debut with Mali in the African Nations Cup. From Togo, the medium is present Barcelona.

The Blaugrana Seydou Keita land remains concentrated in Togo with your choice of face to the African Nations Cup which begins tomorrow with Equatorial Guinea and Gabon headquarters. The Malian international gave an interview to 'RMC Sport' in which he reviewed various aspects of the current boat club, where he arrived from Sevilla in the summer of 2008.

Keita explained the reasons why, in his opinion, Guardiola has so much appreciation. "I think it all started when we played the final of the Champions League in 2009. Everyone wanted to play and coach 'does the job offered left side, a position in which I had never played. He said it was fine. I'm not selfish, but no one would refuse to play a Champions League final. I think that's why I have great respect, "said midfielder Africa.

However, Keita said he does not maintain a special relationship with the coach, in part because of its classified nature. "Pep and I do not talk about anything. I am a person who does not speak ... much less with the coaches. The coach always praises his players, not just Seydou. Guardiola gives me nothing! If you do not play well, put me on the bench, as all, "continued the Malian footballer.

As for his future, Keita said we will wait to see how things develop. "It depends. I played at Lorient, Lens, Seville and Barcelona. No one knows when they can change things or what will happen tomorrow. I do not know. This is my fourth season at Barça and has done quite well, although I am a starter in every game. I think I've been scoring six or seven regular annual goals and four assists during a few, not bad for a defensive midfielder, especially in a team with all these great players ... But you never know, "he added.

Keita debuts Tuesday at the African Nations Cup with the Republic of Guinea in Franceville (Gabon). (via SPORT)