30 January 2012

Kanouté: "I never said Cesc was racist"

Frederic Kanouté to the BBC denies that Cesc would have uttered some kind of insult or racist term.

Sevilla's Malian player, Frederic Kanouté, was interviewed by the BBC, he recorded an interesting video about racism in sport and in particular in football.

During the sequence of images emitted by the BBC, Kanouté is a statement that says Cesc Fabregas did not dedicate any racial slur in the past Sevilla-Barça.

During the meeting, which ended in a draw and was plagued with tension, both players had a hooked.

After the match there was speculation that Fabregas could have uttered a racist insult towards Mali.

Cesc denied it knew about the rumor, stressing that his girlfriend is of Lebanese origin in the Arenys tattoo on his left arm looks, bearing Arabic characters.

This time it's Kanouté has denied that in very strong for the BBC: "I will not explain what he said, is personal. It is sometimes used bad language in the field of play and some players react.'s What happened to me to me, but I never said that he was racist or that I had made any racist comment. I have to be honest in this respect. " (via SPORT)