11 January 2012

Jorge Messi: "We will have to extend the home"

Jorge Messi, the father of crack, said the family unit has been a key to the success of Leo.

The happiness that felt Leo Messi after winning his third Ballon d'Or is comparable only to the pride of his parents, Jorge and Celia, who accompanied him at the gala. Nobody knows them better than the effort that the `10 What the club has had to do to become the best player in the world, but for them the greatest achievement of your child is having retained its humility.

"Leo is very difficult to change, you should spend some very hard to change his ways, the challenge is to continue with the same enthusiasm," said Jorge Messi yesterday in the program 'El matí de Catalunya Ràdio'. Although all collective and individual successes crack Rosario are representing a logistical problem, "Leo and asked me to extend the house, see how we organize to make the window bigger," laughs the father said the player. But beyond the joke, since 2005 the player accumulates 101 individual awards, among which are the three gold balls, three times top scorer in the Champions League or its designation as a Sports Heritage of Humanity.

Part of the success of the squad due to family stability, as explained by his father, "I always try to have family bonding, although over time the children grow and leave a small gap opening. Always try to be together. "

Jorge is the shadow and the guardian angel of the best player in the world and who most values ​​the evolution that has taken Leo personally, "is quiet and calm because that character comes from her family, but in recent years has matured a lot, I realize that every time you are opening a bit older and more mature than before, "and very responsible," on Monday when we arrived in Barcelona after the gala went to sleep because the next day I train. "

At the gala, Leo wanted to publicly acknowledge the merits of his teammate Xavi, who has shared the moments before the last four galas. Similarly, Jorge has also played live those moments of waiting with the family of the second master Barca and Argentina recognizes that this waiting is the worst of the prizes, "to be with parents knowing that Xavi can only say the name of one of the two is the worst. Four years ago we are in the same situation and the truth is that with hand on heart, I and Leo's mother think Xavi deserves a special mention by the FIFA. Beyond the Ballon d'Or, Xavi has a very important career, "he said Jorge Messi. (via SPORT)