07 January 2012

Isaac Cuenca and Álvaro Vázquez, the foam of the derby

With 20 years of age on the same day, Espanyol-Barça arrive with little baggage but a lot of spark.

Álvaro Vázquez and Isaac Basin are two of the young talents who contribute to the rise in the Espanyol and Barcelona, ​​respectively. Coincidences of life, both born the same day, the same month and same year: April 27, 1991, but in two different cities: first, in Badalona and the second in Reus.

Yes, the two have had very different paths to follow up to debut with the first team from their respective clubs. The blue and white categories escalated until Mauricio Pochettino gave him the opportunity to debut with the elderly. It was nothing more and nothing less than at the Santiago Bernabeu on September 22, 2010, when he replaced Sergio Garcia. For its part, Cuenca was secured after two comings and goings.

He entered the Barca and child and went to Reus as a cadet, then went to the Damm, to be subsequently respescado Barca as a junior. After last season's loan move to Sabadell, Barcelona recovered for the reserves but he has chosen to Pep have barely played with the team of Eusebio. Since his debut at the Viktoria Pilsen Champions , Guardiola and has not fallen off of him and, after Villa's injury, has already announced he would stay in Cuenca first team all season.

Isaac Cuenca and Álvaro Vázquez , who last November agreed for the first time in the Spanish Under-21 headed by former Barcelona Luis Milla, played his first derby tomorrow in Cornella-El Prat. "It will be a very special match," match. While for Barca will play the first game against Espanyol, Espanyol to be the second. "Last season I played at the Camp Nou and now I wish I could do at home and to my fans," said Vazquez, who jumped into the stadium's turf in the second half replacing the now madridista Callejón, already 2-0 in the bookmark.

Cuenca, the revelation of Barcelona in this stretch of the season, surely he would sign the repeat 1-5 Barca team Espanyol endorsed him last season. "If you scored many goals, fine, but I'll settle for us to get the three points and follow up there," admits de Reus, which premiered as a starter as Barca in Los Cármenes in Granada on October 20 (0-1) and scored his first goal against Mallorca at the Camp Nou (5-0).

Until now, FC Barcelona has four goals this season, three of the 'parrot'. Another thing unites them: the two rush their contracts and their clubs are trying to renew. The case of Cuenca is the most urgent since ending its association with Barcelona on 30 June and has offers important, (via MD)