19 January 2012

Iniesta, on Pepe: "Everyone is responsible for making"

Cesc and Iniesta showed their outrage at the behavior of Pepe after stamping on hand to Messi.

Andres Iniesta, Barcelona player, spoke about the possible Portuguese Pepe stomp Lionel Messi and declared that "everyone is responsible for what he does."

"We try to have a good attitude. Committees sometimes act and others are not. I do not get it. They are sets of the game, but why not go," he said in the mixed zone of the Bernabeu.

Also questioned whether he was surprised by the approach of Jose Mourinho, said that "each game poses as you want" and stressed that the Barcelona always uses the same system.

"We have done the same. Despite the goal, we have peace and we won, that this is very difficult. It is a step forward, but against Madrid is never done. We always try to put the parties in the same way and goes well "he concluded.

Cesc: "We do not judge, but there is on TV"

Cesc Fabregas, Barcelona midfielder, he would not judge the likely stomp on the hand that gave Real Madrid's Portuguese Lionel Messi and said the scene will have been "on TV."

"These are things that we do not judge. Now it's up to us, but that's on TV," he said in the mixed zone after beating Real Madrid in the Bernabeu.

In addition, the party praised his team and he admitted that during the first ten minutes Barcelona was "a trailer", but then, and until the end of mourning, "made a great match."

"But this is 180 minutes. We knew we had to make. At the Camp Nou plays it to us. Real Madrid's passion is undeniable and we must be on top," he said. (via SPORT)