31 January 2012

In Argentina, Leo wanted to face with Tevez

Tevez denied a fight with Messi as the main reason for their absence in the Copa America.

Tevez does not go unnoticed wherever he goes. And in his country, Argentina, football by nature, much less. Any discrepancies with the coach Checho Batista ended Manchester City striker watching the Copa America through television. Excluded from the final call, the press drew blood and in various media speculated a big fight between 'Apache' what Leo Messi as the source of all evil.

Tevez turned to an interview on Fox Sports to step out and deny rule throughout his alleged poor relationship with the Blaugrana crack. "No place that I have a bad relationship with colleagues as a pastor or Lavezzi because they have the weight of Leo in the selection. Messi is the best in the world, "argued the player.

For if there were doubts about his relationship with Messi, Tevez stated that often maintains contact with his compatriot despite the distances in kilometers. "The truth is that I have very good vibes with Leo. And I can still say the least, is the only person with whom I have conversations within the school of choice. " There is no doubt that Tevez is understood almost everything. His strong character does not leave almost no one unmoved. It's a guy who used to mark the spot. (via SPORT)