16 January 2012

Iglesias Villanueva whisked away a penalty to Iniesta

The referee admonished Iniesta after the player was clearly Fuentealbilla down in the area when the scoreboard registered a dangerous 2-2 to FC Barcelona.

It ran for 68 minutes with a tie game when the score two Iniesta scored a play of real crack. The Fuentealbilla went into the area and the bottom line of the hat pulled a magic ball with which outperformed its Jefferson Montero to put directly into the goal of Casto.

In an attempt to wrest Betis player the ball to Iniesta, Barca player was clearly brought down without the Betis could do nothing to stop him. Contact with Iniesta's leg was evident and fell down.

However, the collegiate Iglesias Villanueva decided to whistle but doesn't stop to point out a clear penalty but to admonish the player azulgrana. The match referee reflected in the minutes that the yellow card was for the protests following the possible penalty and not supposed to have been dropped. (via SPORT)