18 January 2012

Hleb now discover the reasons for his failure to Barcelona

The Belarusian Alexander Hleb regrets his attitude during its passage through the club azulgrana and believes that it has lost the best years of his career.

Speaking to German newspaper "Stuttgarter Zeitung", Alexander Hleb, now training with the modest Augsburg reflected on his way through Barça and the future of his career since he left the Camp Nou.

"I am sad to have lost the best years in my career, something of what I only accuse me", declared. "Over time I understood that the force of Barça was the ability of players to leave their ego aside and work for the good of the group," said Hleb, who spent one season to the orders of Pep Guardiola. That year he played only 19 games (only eight of them starts). Since then he has played on loan at Stuttgart, Birmingham and Wolfsburg settling without achieving any of the three teams. (via SPORT)