30 January 2012

High risk muscle in Barça

FC Barcelona faces a quite demanding schedule in the month of February that is about to begin. The staff of Pep Guardiola is diminished by low long-term de Villa, Afellay and Fontàs and also lost to Maxwell (transferred to PSG) and Keita, who is contesting the African Nations Cup. In this context, any physical setback leaves Guardiola's team at a disadvantage with respect to its direct rival, the Real Madrid , not so affected by injuries this season. Lately, in addition, three players have fallen very important for Pep: Iniesta, Pedro and Alexis. The Chilean has already played against Villarreal despite his collarbone problem, but do not forget that infiltrated and played a new impact on the area could be fatal.

In this context, the worst part is that the fatigue caused by a demanding schedule as of January (two Cup playoff against Osasuna and Real Madrid) is taking its toll on the legs of the players. Not only is there the feeling of missing the point of ignition. The worst thing is that those responsible have been identified as physical, medical and technical, there are players who are tired and some 'mature' on the muscle . That is, if the machine much force in the coming games at high risk of ' break '.

The best proof that no danger is that this season, and are eleven injury of a muscle accursed for the Catalans: the biceps femoris. The burden of carrying the games Barça (37 officers have played so far), requiring them (Barça has won three titles this season) and also continued calls of different selections lead to the Barca player plays often with little discomfort . In the locker room for injury prevention (especially muscle and knee) is sacred, but the reality makes you take risks to compete tenganque butt.

Thus, the essential of Pep , who are in the minds of all, they are forced to play almost every game, and it loads much your legs. Moreover, commitments are always top-level and there is no reservation. And the risk of rising butt always be the danger of muscle injury . So now comes another tough tie Cup (Valencia), a demanding league schedule (Real and Valencia visits and trips to Pamplona and Calderon) and the Champions League, the risk grows. Pep, their trainers, doctors, physios and players (ignoring their feelings) must split hairs ... if you can. (via MD)