28 January 2012

Hard game for Barca

Villarreal has added 19 points in 19 games.
Guardiola has warned of the difficulty of the crash.
In the last three visits to the Madrigal Barça has won.

El Madrigal this Saturday live a very special game between two teams who like the ball and take control of the game, but, a priori, has a clear emphasis Blaugrana , at least this is what marks the difference now between the teams. The men of Pep Guardiola travel to Villarreal as second in the table, having won 44 points in 19 games, while the team of Jose Francisco Molina is 17 table with 19 points.

Perhaps that is why Pep Guardiola has warned in a press conference on the difficulty of shock, commenting that "The Madrigal is a very complicated".

But what the statistics say , for those who favor. In the First Division both teams have seen the faces on 12 occasions , and of these, Villarreal have won 5, there have been six wins and a draw visitors. With 20 goals scored by the home side to 19 for FC Barcelona, ​​which already gives an idea of equality on the ground throughout the game. The last three visits Barca's side doors open to a positive outcome of the azulgranas, since that resulted in three wins. The latest, 0 - 1.

It is true that as they say, once the referee Teixeira José Ramón Vitienes -not to be confused with Teixeira's game Vitienes Camp Nou, his brother, the accumulated data are useless. However, consider that the Yellow Submarine have won 9 games at home, drawn 4 and lost 1. That is, he has achieved 16 of the 19 points that shows playing at home, a detail that surely the Blaugrana players and technical staff have been taken into account.

In fact, Guardiola himself said in the press conference after they had taken note of the good image left by Villarreal in front of the Real Sociedad and Sporting . And special attention will have to have the azulgrana to Marcos Rubén and Borja Valero, because, with 6 and 3 points, they are next to Rossi, the yellow maximum gunners. In addition, Villarreal, after the good performance of the fans in the game against Sporting Gijon, wants to reward the loyalty of their fans, so that each subscriber has been able to withdraw up to a maximum of three tickets at half price habitual , so expect a full Madrigal to the flag. (via MD)

The numbers of visits to El Madrigal Blaugrana

Blaugrana 6 wins , 5 wins for Villarreal and 1 draw, this is the summary of the twelve battles that have played Barcelona and Villarreal at El Madrigal in First Division:
2010-2011: 0 - 1
2009-2010: 1 - 4
2008-2009: 1 - 2
2007-2008: 3 - 1
2006-2007: 2 - 0
2005-2006: 0 - 2
2004-2005: 3 - 0
2003-2004: 2 - 1
2002-2003: 2 - 0
2001-2002: 0 - 1
2000-2001: 4 - 4
1998-1999: 2 - 3