02 January 2012

Guardiola's message to the locker room: "This 2012 we will enjoy"

Joined the team before dismissing the year to launch a motivator holder.

To Pep he doesn't like to leave loose ends and wants to make sure have the clever players for the battles that approach. It's his way of keeping them plugged to prevent complacency takes over the locker room and that the hunger for victory was set up as normal. With this idea, the coach gave a clear message to the locker room at the last training of 2012, held on the morning of December 31 at the Ciutat Esportiva. The technician brought together all members of staff after training to wish you a good end of the year and before leaving, I took a holder motivator: "This 2012 we will enjoy." The message has two connotations: first means that he will continue throughout 2012 and second only provides the possibility to continue fighting as usual for the titles. The coach likes to link two words: enjoy and title. It's the way you understand just enjoying football because you can meet the challenges that lie ahead. And at the moment, there are a league, a Copa and a Champions. (via SPORT)