21 January 2012

Guardiola would sign continuity following the Cup clásico against Real Madrid

If, Carles Puyol talks will not be until May or June, renewal of Pep Guardiola is immediate although subject to the timeline. Two prerequisites must be given to formalize the agreement.

The first sport. Do not want anything to jeopardize this important stretch of the season and the second leg of the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid . Hence also it has paralyzed that of Cuenca.

The second is administrative in nature. One of the few requirements of Pep is to have the large group of collaborators who have accompanied him successful over these past few seasons. Wait until the signing of its continuity. The final track continuity of the web revealed the MD to report Pep food even with his colleagues after the clásico at the Bernabeu in which he said: "You encourage me to continue." Soon the club will communicate the 'yes'. Two years ago, mandated by Joan Laporta, was 20 January. Last year, with Sandro Rosell as president, reached the decision until February 8. No more. Over the next month will be held crucial meetings to prepare the draft next season. (via MD)