16 January 2012

Guardiola: “If this team has anything, it's that they don't relax”

The manager highlights the team's commitment, saying that "it would be impossible to win everything they've won if they didn't behave the way they do".

“They have to do a pretty poor job for me to doubt their commitment and level of relaxation.” Pep Guardiola believes in these players 100%, and in turn his players have always shown that they never give up on a game. Tonight’s match against Betis, where the team fought until the end to secure the three points, is sufficient enough proof for the Barça manager to say “if anything this team doesn’t relax.” He added that “it’s impossible to win everything we’ve won if they didn't behave the way they do.” In addition he explained that “I haven’t seen any symptoms of them not wanting to try until the end, to win all the titles in play.”

To show that the team possesses the right attitude, Guardiola pointed out an interesting fact about tonight’s game: it took 18 matches in the Liga at the Camp Nou for FCB to concede a goal. “This happens if you work hard and if you behave the way you are supposed to behave.” He warned that even though supporters may be accustomed to watching Barça rout their opposition at the Camp Nou that “in sport it isn’t so comfortable,” therefore, “rivals create problems for you and you must overcome them.”

During the post-game press conference, Guardiola stated that the Club will appeal the yellow card shown to Andrés Iniesta after the referee ruled that the player had intentionally fallen in the area as opposed to being brought down. “Normally we don’t appeal these things, but we will on this one.”

Pep Guardiola also wanted to thank the 69,889 supporters that came to the Camp Nou for the match. “It’s a stadium that’s always difficult to cheer in, but the 70,000 people helped us.” He hopes that from here until the end of the season that “they will help us so that we can do well in our matches.”

This Wednesday Barça and Madrid will face off in the first game of the King’s Cup tie. Guardiola said that “in Madrid we will play with the playoff (mindset) not just a single game.” Despite having played at the beginning of December in the League against Real Madrid, the manager explained that “we’ll look at Madrid’s variants in the last couple of matches” ahead of the Cup tie. (via FCBarcelona.cat)