31 January 2012

Guardiola to his players: "If I could, you can"

Optimism and total confidence. The costumes of Barca is set in the spirit of 'Dream Team' to try to overcome and surpass the feat of Madrid.

Pep Guardiola knows which key was to play at any time. That team is elated because the results are downwind and everything seems easy, and he is to deflate the locker room and quickly make stepping foot on the floor. The squad is discouraged because things do not just go right and distance with the leader begins to open dangerously, and he is to give a blow, his harangue and put a 'chute' optimism in the veins.

Yesterday obviously played the second track, the team had just left again two points along the way, this time at Villarreal, and receded to seven points behind Real Madrid.

The depletion of the workforce was well palpable and at dawn on Sunday for the return trip on the train to Barcelona, ​​few wanted to talk and faces contorted with effort made by so many been so pyrrhic one, and almost 36 hours later when the team turned to see the faces in the morning session yesterday.

Sadness, worry and despair were the common denominator of a wardrobe that had become a stave, but had not found, for the umpteenth time, the path of victory away from home.

But then came Guardiola, a manual of psychology under the arm-metaphorically speaking, of course-to give a change of direction and encourage their pupils. The technician took the session yesterday to get all their resources and entrainment motivating their pupils to the most tenacious optimism.

"Be sure we can win the league, the comeback is possible." Thus began his speech categorical Santpedor, who stressed that overcoming adversity is another virtue that build championship teams and become the legend into something unique.

"I lived several comebacks as a player, do not see why we can not we," encorajinó Guardiola, recalling his 'Dream Team' where Cruyff's Barcelona in the nineties was capable of turning the tables twice in a season that had complicated the first hurdle.

In the 1991-92 campaign, for example, the team rallied Blaugrana, nothing more and nothing less, the eight points that Real Madrid was leading them on the thirteenth day, with the aggravating circumstance if possible at that time that the victories were worth only two points, or achieved against Deportivo in the 1993-94 season to be recovered, being worth six points victory after another two-day 24. That day, February 19, 1994, Barcelona lost in La Romareda against Zaragoza by a convincing 6-3. From here chained 13 wins and two draws in the end does `rush to take the championship trophy, in extremis, in the last day.

Pep got his goal with his fiery speech because the finished costume totally convinced that the feat is possible. It is clear that the first who believe in the comeback they are and it is clear that Guardiola has inoculated them winning a virus which has now installed three and half years in the Barcelona first team.

The Santpedor also forgot to mention the transcendental Cup playoff will play against Valencia in the coming days.
The team is only two steps to reach another final, the fourth this season (UEFA Super Cup, Club World Cup and Super Cup of Spain, which was over two legs) - so the motivation is the absolute difference between the Blaugrana.

So much so that the staff includes fully convinced that if they exceed the team 'che', encouragement of such a victory will take on wings to the League.

And why the calendar this month of February is about to begin is to start trembling to have two exits as complicated as Osasuna and Atletico Madrid, also taking midweek Cup semi-final and the return of the Champions League, where Barcelona play their quarter pass against Bayer Leverkusen.

There is no doubt that Barcelona has entered the decisive phase of the season where a title is at stake-the Copa del Rey, and also the possibility of 're-enlist' the League to the team knows little to redress the situation, all in games played outside the Camp Nou.

An exciting challenge that players are willing to assume all consequences, even though some elements have as few troops against because of injuries, transfers and the African Nations Cup and the misfortune that has accompanied so far in some specific situations, arbitration decisions or tell yourself to the wood releases.

Thus, it is clear that the Copa del Rey semifinal shows literally vital to the future of Pep Barcelona. The dressing room knows that they have no choice: win or win. There is no other solution or Plan B. (via SPORT)