09 January 2012

Golden Day of Barça

Zurich will pay Barca and Messi will sign today the hat trick earlier on Golden Balls.
Xavi, on the podium will be the best coach Pep and there will be at least five Catalans in the eleven years.

Wembley in May, August Monaco, San Siro in November, Yokohama in December and the Santiago Bernabeu four times last year. The world has already surrendered to Barcelona in 2011 and today, in Zurich, Barcelona football recognition of all Pep Guardiola will be unanimous in the Kongresshaus during the FIFA Golden Ball Gala. The organization can leverage the same envelope as Pep Guardiola opened the last edition before announcing the name of Leo Messi as the winner in a historic podium color Barca completed by Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez . Never before had left the first three from the same quarry.

This time only Terrassa accompany him in the top three in an evening that will begin at 19.00 and Argentina's crown as the best footballer on the planet for the third consecutive year. Iniesta has many numbers end in the fourth or fifth place in the developed by coaches vote (33%), selection captains (33%) and the correspondents of the magazine France Football around the world (33%).

No one has won the coveted award more times and only Johan Cruyff , Michel Platini (the only one in three consecutive editions) and Marco van Basten has signed a hat trick. However, Messi will be the earliest with the third of his career was younger (24 years 6 months), when Cruyff (24 years 8 months) and Platini (28 years 6 months) achieved first. At his age, he was not sighted Leo roof.

It will be a fiesta for Messi , fixed annual event in Zurich since 2007 (he was second in the FIFA World Player of the year after the next after Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo ) but always uncomfortable with the evening dress. It plans a scripted speech, as reported by MD, but his is dribbling with the ball, smashing records and collecting titles scorers. A contemporary of Leo, which will lie at his home today with so many Balonesde Castelledefels Golden Cups of Europe, is a great opportunity for Xavi and Iniesta but the downside is that just being spectators except stand around that price.

Who will deliver the trophy?

The big question today is the identity of the manager to hand the Ballon d'Or Last year was Guardiola . One possible candidate is Platini , whose triplet Messi emulated serial. Its status as French magazine France Football being co-organizer could help but the rivalry with Joseph Blatter .

The FIFA president, a great host of the Gala, have many more options to repeat the picture in 2009, when Messi delivered his first and last FIFA World Player, merged from last year with the Ballon d'Or is not disposable, by the desire to instruct the cheats, so be Stefano Farina, defender of Gubbio (Italian Serie B) who discovered the plot of match-fixing in the 'calcium'.

Guardiola will be the other big winner of the day. Finalist with the absent Mourinho and his admired and admirer Sir Alex Ferguson , will rise to receive the prize for Best Coach of the Year in the presence of many of his pupils. In addition to Messi and Xavi, Iniesta, Alves and Pique have a guaranteed place in the World Eleven FIFA / FIFPro chosen by fans on the website of the FIFA. Also there will Barca rout Real Madrid.

Barca is now the club with more balls (9)
FC Barcelona will be today at the club with more Ballon d'Ors, specifically nine. They are: one of Suarez (1960), two of Cruyff (1973 and 1974), one of Stoichkov (1994), one of Rivaldo (1999), one of Ronaldinho (2005) and the three of Messi (2009, 2010 and 2011). They could be if there were even eleven that won Ronaldo (1997) and Figo (2000) a few months after leaving the club to treason. Milan and Juve added 8 each.

Mou and CR7 is 'erased' from the Barca party
The party boat today in Zurich will be complete. More than anything because the nominees for Real Madrid will not be there. The white club announced last week that since morning have Cup match in Malaga, and Cristiano Ronaldo (aspiring to win the Ballon d'Or) and Jose Mourinho (nominated for Best Coach of the Year) will come. One excuse given that FIFA takes private jet to the guests and if they will have time to go back to Malaga and prepare the Cup game Maybe if they knew the two winners have traveled. (via MD)