04 January 2012

Gatti: "In times of Maradona, Pele and Cruyff, Messi would have been alternate"

Hugo Orlando Gatti remains committed to going the other way around the world. Only he sees the football like this ...

Or he likes a lot of polemizar and that it is spoken of him, or it is clear that Hugo Orlando Gatti, the Argentinean former porter, has a vision of the soccer that very few people in the world should share. And on Tuesday he again demonstrated in an interview with Radio La Red.

Gatti seems tenérsela move to FC Barcelona and, even more surprising is his countryman Leo Messi. This was evident when asked about the best player in football history. "The biggest is Pele without discussion, then come Alfredo, Cruyff, Diego. At that time, Messi was not playing safe to the bank. "And this view is not only for Messi, but for their comrades in Barcelona." Any of those players who say they are the best team in the world at the time of Maradona or Cruyff were no headlines. "And is that the conclusion that makes the" Loco "Gatti is that" You take it out Barcelona Messi and Dani Alves and 'Barcelonita.' "

Former Argentine goalkeeper also had harsh words to Neymar. "It is a shame to see the one that better player from America says requesting the T-shirt to Messi, that is of cholulo."

On the Madrid-Barcelona final, played before Christmas, was also blunt. Real Madrid to Barcelona will not win the last classic because CR7 pulled out a shot that was like a criminal. Real Madrid then grabbed her and Barcelona cagómetro passed it up. "

Finally, Gatti also discussed the possibility that either Marcelo Bielsa's replacement once Pep Guardiola. And in this case was overwhelming. "This Barcelona, ​​technically I am". (via SPORT)