06 January 2012

[Former player] Ronaldinho invoking the non-chronic insomnia in the morning train

A new case of indiscipline splashed Ronaldinho, this time for not coming to training Flamengo morning of chronic insomnia.

Ronaldinho has not turned to the first year training with Flamengo.

Apparently the Brazilian star has allegedly suffered chronic insomnia as a reason to fail at the preparatory sessions of the team.

Many media have explained that this is just an excuse to skip workouts. Ronaldinho does not suffer from any case of insomnia, and that his only problem is that there is nocturnal sprees whenever possible.

In fact, the Brazilian club itself has reached a similar conclusion and has not wavered in the face of prestensiones Ronnie. Bringing the Gaucho must attend training as the rest of his teammates.

In any case the controversy is served in a new case relating to former FC Barcelona player with the party and the night. (via SPORT)