13 January 2012

[Former player] Quaresma suffered a robbery at gunpoint

The winger of the Turkish Besiktas was assaulted by an armed gang while riding in your vehicle and suffered the theft of money, jewelry and other items worth 44,000 euros.

The exazulgrana Ricardo Quaresma suffered this week the assault of an armed band when it traveled in its vehicle, an Audi R8, as he informed this Friday the Portuguese newspaper 'Correio da Manha'.

Quaresma was assaulted in the early hours of Wednesday in the J Chela three men wearing hoods. According to Portuguese newspaper, the end of Besiktas was pointed a firearm and was forced to give money and items worth 44,000 euros, including diamond earrings and various luxury items.

Quaresma was traveling with a friend but both were unable to cope with the assault against the aggressiveness of the hoodies. (via SPORT)