03 January 2012

[Former player] Milito: "The secret of this Barça is Pep Guardiola"

Gaby Milito was full of praise to Pep Guardiola in an interview with Argentine daily "Olé".

Milito begins the interview in the newspaper "Olé" explaining the reasons which led him to leave Barcelona. "I reached an age where he needed continuity. In my entire career, except for injuries, I got used to hold. And while I was in a club and a team that will remain in history as the Barcelona, ​​was not all happy. I told that I served Guardiola play 20 or 25 games a year. For some will be mad, but what I wanted to play. "

Speaking of Guardiola, the Argentine player was full of praise for his former coach. "Pep left me many things. Beyond not having played much time with him, is a technician who certainly influenced me. I was lucky to have many good coaches in my career, as Pekerman, Menotti, the Tolo Gallego, Bielsa, Ramon, but Pep is the best of all I had and those who do not. For me, the secret of the great success of Barcelona ". And not to be alone as a statement without further reasons why Milito claims that Guardiola. "With everything that won the team in recent years, he has the formula to prevent someone to relax. In every talk he gives conveys tremendous confidence to the group. Moreover, because trust you if you say things before Then came the parties and such. He is a coach that does not conform and that it never passed permanently to the players. It also analyzes rivals much through the videos, all designed with options to attack. Those who think that Barca is pure improvisation, are wrong. Until Messi has to meet certain tactical moves when the team loses the ball. "

Finally, Milito talks about the comparison between Messi and Maradona. "I hate to compare. If you did more than Diego or less, do not know. But seeing play Leo, I wonder the opposite: there will be someone before you have done everything you've done Lionel? Is a monster . Log onto the court and have it on your side gives you the feeling that you can not lose. " (via SPORT)