19 January 2012

[Former player] Maxwell: "The easy thing would have been to stay in Barcelona"

Maxwell, who recently left FC Barcelona to anchor in the Paris Saint-Germain said that the most "easy" would have been staying at Barca.

"Here I expected a challenge," he told the newspaper 'Le Parisien' Brazil 30 years, who believes that the team now heads Carlo Ancelotti is "a great opportunity."

The Brazilian said that the new team, forged money fund Qatar Investment Group, has "a very big ambition to grow."

And when talking about players, Brazilian admired as a child remembers the movements of Romario, but now have idols that has known more closely.

"Currently, the best left full-back of the world is Abidal. Is in a state dramatically," summed up exdefensa of Barcelona on the French international did last night, once again, his exequipo victory over Real Madrid of Jose Mourinho. (via SPORT)