10 January 2012

[Former player] Ibra votes first Pep; Eto'o, nor among the three

Casillas also forgot Guardiola: their podium was Mourinho, Del Bosque and Village-Boas.

The votes of two of the players who have left Barça for his poor relationship with Guardiola have been radically different. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has parked his personal problems with Pep and has voted Coach of 2011, ahead of Mourinho and Villas-Boas while Samuel Eto'o has forgotten all about his second coach at the Camp Nou, his podium was Mourinho, Ferguson and Tabarez.

Another who has forgotten Guardiola has been curiously Spanish captain and Real Madrid, Iker Casillas , who has opted for the two technicians, Mourinho and Del Bosque, and Villas-Boas. Del Bosque , meanwhile, has been consistent and has accepted the praise usually devotes to coach Pep putting Barca in first place ahead of Low and Ferguson.

Frank Rijkaard , coach of Saudi Arabia, has chosen his successor on the bench at the Camp Nou, Pep Guardiola, ahead of Del Bosque and Mourinho. Between technicians, Santpedor won comfortably. From large, only colleagues have opted for Advocaat , who has opted for Ferguson, Camacho and Capello , who have demonstrated their past Real Madrid with the choice of Del Bosque, Klinsmann , who has not hidden his fondness for his former assistant Löw; and Van Maarwijk , who preferred to Tabarez. The elections of Dutch coach and his son, Captain of the 'oranje' Mark van Bommel , they agreed: Tabarez, Guardiola and Ferguson.

Pep has been the number one, among others, Terry , Shevchenko , Thiago Silva , Buffon , Blokhin , Luis Fernandez , Tabarez , Menezes , Hiddink and Toshack. (via MD)

Casillas (España) Mourinho Del Bosque Villas-Boas
Eto'o (Camerún) Mourinho Ferguson Tabárez
Ibrahimovic (Suecia) Guardiola Mourinho Villas-Boas
Van Bommel (Holanda) Tabárez Guardiola Ferguson
Terry (Inglaterra) Guardiola Villas-Boas Ferguson
Shevchenko (Ucrania) Guardiola Ferguson Del Bosque
Thiago Silva (Brasil) Guardiola Mourinho Ferguson
Buffon (Italia) Guardiola Ferguson Mourinho
Del Bosque (España) Guardiola Löw Ferguson
Rijkaard (Arabia Saudí) Guardiola Del Bosque Mourinho
Camacho (China) Del Bosque Guardiola Mourinho
Löw (Alemania) Guardiola Del Bosque Mourinho
Capello (Inglaterra) Del Bosque Tabárez Guardiola
Blanc (Francia) Del Bosque Guardiola R. García
Van Maarwijk (Holanda) Tabárez Guardiola Ferguson
Menezes (Brasil) Guardiola Mourinho Löw
Prandelli (Italia) Guardiola Villas-Boas Tabárez
Hiddink (Turquía) Guardiola Del Bosque Löw
Toshack (Macedonia) Guardiola Del Bosque Mourinho
Luis Fernández (Israel) Guardiola Ferguson Del Bosque
Blokhin (Ucrania) Guardiola Ferguson Del Bosque
Advocaat (Rusia) Ferguson Guardiola Wenger
Klinsmann (EE.UU.) Löw Guardiola Villas-Boas