31 January 2012

[Former player] Edmílson: "I think Guardiola will continue another year"

The former player of FC Barcelona José Edmílson Gomes de Moraes was last Thursday at the Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi Esportiva talking to some of his former teammates, such as Leo Messi and Brazilians, and also with Pep Guardiola . The midfielder, who played this season in Ceara in Brazil, whose league has ended, said yesterday in Ona FM that "Pep did not say anything about whether he would continue or not. I just greeted and congratulated him for being the best coach 2011. It is a personal issue and I think Pep already has it clear in his head. Sooner or later the decision and tell the people. "

As for his personal opinion on the matter, said he believed that "yes. Pep is sufficiently identified with Barcelona . You have your people here. have the confidence of the Catalan people, the people of Spain, fans around the world and the presidency. I think it will. For my way of seeing things, I think so. " Finally, regarding Messi, said: "Leo is still the same five years ago. To me it is a joy to know that a guy has gone so high and still the same person." (via MD)