24 January 2012

[Former B player] Soriano: "Salzburg tries to play with the Barça style"

Jonathan went to Turkey yesterday for the stage with Red Bull. A club with a projection that aims to follow the guidelines set in La Masia.

Istanbul was the first stop on Jonathan Soriano in his new career with Red Bull Salzburg. The front left yesterday for Turkey to move from the capital to the south, where at night had to know his new teammates. Before leaving, the player SPORT attended and showed the high expectations you have in this adventure.

Jonathan explained that he had opted for the Austrian team after receiving a visit from his new coach Ricardo Moniz Dutch, Barcelona: "It's a detail that marks you. The team was in Turkey and prior to joining with them, traveled to see me, being an hour away and turned to go. " In this conversation, Moniz told to "try to play with the style of Barcelona, ​​with evident nuances not have the same players. Compete in the League, Cup and Europa League and play offense. "

The player had a sweet farewell as they "could do well, how I wanted. It was certainly not through the front door to be in December, but it was a good start. Barca gave me all the facilities of the world and I am very thankful. "

Jonathan believes that "everything that has happened in the Barça has been good" and among his best memories are "climbing the first season, the top scorer in Division II second and this, having recovered well from the work of subsidiary of the physios. " Both of Eusebio and Luis Enrique good memories, but their relationship with the Spaniard was very special. "Luis Enrique was the coach who signed me and made me play," said the striker, who added that during these two years and a half "my game has improved a lot with the ball. I have participated more in the game that other teams had to wait up to a center or a rebound. "

Jonathan bet big when he decided to go down to Second division B when I was following options in First or Second Division A. The player supports "It was a risky decision, but also for Barça. For them it was not as easy to sign a player who was not of the quarry and not so young as the rest. "

His march to the Austrian League has been a reality after "never spoke of the first team choice," but does not save much less resentment. "I knew it was very difficult. Guardiola showed trust me in the preseason and the debut in the Cup The issue of age as complicated, if playing a game could not return to Barça B and I had signed for the subsidiary. "

Soriano has been noted for his goals and leadership that has had among its peers. A role he assumed with great involvement. "I also had the experience of being young and grateful that someone over to give you advice. Some make you more attention than others ... (Laughs) but I'm very glad I made friends at Barça. I am proud of the role, "he said.

The striker came on Friday at the Ciutat Esportiva, where he had "a quiet farewell. When you leave it and the consensus of all, it's different to have to do it reluctantly. We were all happy." (via SPORT)