21 January 2012

[Former B player] Jonathan Soriano: "In Barça I've given everything"

The now former player of FC Barcelona Jonathan Soriano has attended Friday afternoon a program called 'Catalunya Vespre Esports' from Catalunya Radio, a few moments before his plane departed. Over a few minutes Jonathan Soriano commented that he has given everything in its Catalans stage, which by Barça only has words of thanks, and that is very hopeful of his new adventure in the city that gave birth to Mozart .

Jonathan, whose hiring by Redbull Salzburg has aroused much excitement in the Austrian club, as evidenced by the many welcome comments can be read on the club's Facebook has said that since leaving the Red Bull Salzburg's bid "was the best . They are the ones who have opted for me and most have insisted , and has done everything we wanted. Since last year they came to ask me, I liked the team. They returned this winter and I liked it. "

Soriano has missed the detail that you put a private jet to travel to Salzburg to sign the new contract, because "they are secondary things and what matters is that the team do well . "

The new player and the whole Austrian said to be club blaugrana "with the feeling of having everything I could, I did my best . " He stressed that it has done everything possible to help young people and that "I'm the boat with a good memory . It's been two and half years of a great stay. All are good memories. "

In turn, has acknowledged that he would have liked more opportunities with the first team, but has acknowledged that came into play factors not conducive to this. "It was a bit of everything, between the old law, which in the front of the boat does not play anyone and that is very difficult. I knew it would be complicated, and the idea of playing in Barca B always had. "

One of the issues that have come out in conversation is the fact that Jonathan was not left On our league, a team of the Liga was not interested in a great scorer like him, but Soriano has indicated that "want to leave abroad. Try things , experiences, and hope you do well. "

The change of club and city brings big changes: customs, climate, language, style of play, club, rivals ... Jonathan has acknowledged that "I know the team, know them from next week, the competition will be good." Yes he has seen the stadium and visited the club, the picture proves it-and in this regard notes that it sees "that are betting on football and things are looking very well. "

Soriano, who signed with the Red Bull Salzburg for three years and a half, yes you can play the Europa League , and although as indicated must go slowly, has not hidden his goal is to play the Champions League.

But to give you everything that is inside, you first need to position themselves and adjust to the new environment around you. For the moment it is looking for an apartment or a house with his wife when he finds his daughters to travel and Salzburg, and has admitted to have to get used to the cold, "takes all day snowing and very cold. " (via MD)