20 January 2012

The football world cries: Out Pepe!

From the car on Wednesday night, Pepe's misdeeds no longer have even the Madrid media apparatus muffler. Although it was very difficult, the Real Madrid central violent perpetrated in the Cup 'clásico' against Barca their overall performance more shocking, kicking, treading treacherous hand to Leo Messi and simulating attacks from rival that never existed. For the umpteenth time, and as usual thanks to the unjustifiable under the Spanish referee, Joe remained in the field as would his coach José Mourinho. The referee Muniz Fernandez mortified obvious what the whole world. The press around the world denounced the devious repertoire of defense, he was seen as a symbol of Madrid deranged and shocked because Pepe was sent off, rather than the game of football as a universal concept. Real Madrid, frightened by the international echo of a clásico that has damaged his image much, Pepe brought in to fix the television, but rather it down. Now is the turn of the sports courts, or at least should be.

However, the Competition Committee of the RFEF has shielded-almost-always in the omission of arbitration proceedings not to judge flagrant aggression such as Pepe. This time will not wash. Even without the minutes, the Committee has already made exceptions in the past has been arguing that "social alarm". Well, what now Pepe is not "social alarm", is "global alarm". In recent years, Kluivert (2000), Ayala (2001), Alfaro (2003) or Pedro (2003) were automatically punished. Not so the Madrid Figo (2005) after removal of César. Yesterday was already circulating that the Committee would not act on its own initiative 'because Pepe did not cause serious sequelae.' If you eat the inaction of the Committee, the credibility of Spanish football and Messi will be so trampled by Pepe. Pepe is not to punish him carte blanche to remove someone someday.

As in the civil courts, have the background. And Pepe are creepy. If there are no exemplary punishment, the Spanish football will be the laughingstock of the world. (via MD)

[Embarrassing! Pepe go unpunished]
As the world of sport in general shows his rejection of the violent attitude of the player, everything points to emerge unscathed.

Pepe has enough numbers to make him go free violent attitude shown in the first leg of the Cup played yesterday at the Santiago Bernabeu between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Today we meet the Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation to discuss the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Cup and all indications are that there will be no penalty for the Real Madrid player. Federal sources consulted by SPORT said yesterday that the Competition Committee does not usually act on its own in sets that are not in the arbitration act without a prior requirement of a club. Only in exceptional cases, for example you have an injury involved, often act ex officio by the Competition Committee.

These conditions play for Pepe ... and detrimental to the sport. The referee Muniz Fernandez, besides tolerating brusque Real Madrid, did not witness the stamping of Pepe so Messi did not contain such a lance in the scoresheet. FC Barcelona, ​​meanwhile, said yesterday that it plans to apply any punishment for the Real Madrid player. The board believes that Barca behavior Pepe report to the Competition Committee would only serve to add `poison do some clásicos already too intoxicated from last season or, which is the same, since Jose Mourinho takes the bench Real Madrid. Barca believes that Pepe's stomp is judged on its own and that the images of the action, which have been around the world, and punishment are a recurrent image of the player and the club they misrepresented.

Apart from the official position of Barça, large sections of FC Barcelona do not understand the impunity with which acts Pepe and yesterday, through social networks, many fans were felt his discomfort Blaugrana to transcend the serious possibility that the stomp of Real Madrid Messi left unpunished. Many fans do not just Barca do you consider it rains, it pours and that Pepe has an unsportsmanlike conduct that has the support of members and of the disciplinary bodies and that it is time to put an end to impunity for someday that will happen something big if the player is still rampant.

The world of football and sport in general expressed his perplexity and indignation with the new show hosted by a player who causes embarrassment in many sectors including their own club. Many players, former players, coaches, etc., through social networks, immediately decried the attitude of defense Portuguese midfielder yesterday.

The sharpness of the images leaves no room for doubt about the violent and unsportsmanlike behavior Pepe. The Real Madrid player is ashamed of the board raises fines and even pierce, but Mourinho will have the last word, always protective of his compatriot.

Competition office itself has acted in the past even though the action deemed not recorded in the minutes, without going any further, the 'dedazo Mourinho did Tito Vilanova. Simeone (Atletico), Salgado (Celta), Kluivert (Barcelona), Ayala (Valencia) and De Pedro (Real Sociedad) were punished by stomping, kicking or punching not reflected in the minutes, while the most famous case was the entry of Goikoetxea Maradona, sanctioned by the referee with a single yellow card and then earned him player of the Athletic 18-game suspension. (via SPORT)