14 January 2012

Fontàs started the countdown

The Banyoles started with preoperative eye on recovery. After a bad night, the player began to feel more like.

Andreu Fontàs found work the best way to boost morale after the blow which resulted in the serious knee injury suffered in the second leg of the knockout stages of the Copa del Rey against Osasuna. The player did not lose a moment, and lived a very intense day on his arrival in Barcelona after suffering misfortune in Pamplona.

The Banyoles had had a bad night at the hotel in Pamplona because of pain and, above all, disgust, knowing that you lose the rest of the season. The peer support was essential to pass this bad time and that of his immediate family who had traveled to Pamplona to witness the event. Osasuna had a noble behavior with relatives of Font. Nothing of the injury, the club made available to Navarre a room where rest easier and helped them move through the interior of El Sadar to see first hand the first news about the state of the player.

The significance of the injury offered few questions and was very touched footballer in the early hours. His spirits began to improve in the morning back home. The trip went smoothly and nothing more land, the player accompanied by Dr. Ricard Pruna went to the doctor's Ramon Cugat to examine your knee.

Resonance made it clear that the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee was broken as expected. Much better news was the realization that the meniscus was not affected and that there was no major bloodshed. Anyway, check prevented inflammation with total clarity the state of the knee and the doctor recommended the player Cugat to conduct a first-motion exercises. Both sides cite again on Monday when the knee should look better and will then be set a date for surgery.

The player quickly went to work and in the evening went to the Ciutat Esportiva to launch the specific work on the right knee. Fontàs always been a player who has excelled in their discipline and dedication and this time also make every effort to follow all the guidelines dictated by physicians.

The weekend should continue to work and Sunday will receive the honor by their peers against Betis. The shirts will not be lacking support, as happened with Afellay and Villa this season. (via SPORT)