20 January 2012

Fernando Hierro: "Málaga can win Barcelona"

"It's a young project that wants to think about the future and know that not be an easy road".
After incorporating Kameni "in principle include not think anyone else".

The general manager of the Malaga CF, Fernando Hierro , stated on Thursday that the club is an "absolute confidence" to the coach, Manuel Pellegrini, and to a template that is closed with the arrival of Cameroon goalkeeper Carlos Kameni .

"Manuel has extensive experience and know how to handle the locker room. There is an absolute confidence in him and his way of working. We know that January is difficult, but the feeling is that we are round and have very close opponents of the seats up there, "said Iron news conference.

In this regard, said that there is no best coach possible for a project that will go together "Whether or not" targets. "We must be realistic. All we know is a young project who wants to think about the future and know it will not be an easy road. We are quiet, things are all working with a common idea," he said.

"It's a happy day has come Kameni, who knows our league and appreciates the willingness to bet on us having other offers. It's a fantastic addition. Is your card? By Rosario, we are engaged in other businesses, but Hélder who is then removed in a timely and temporary, "he said in Portuguese downward. With Kameni, thus closing the chapter of entries in this winter market. "In principle we do not include anyone else, there is a large staff and the coach has confidence in it, "he said about it.

"If nothing happens extraordinary, the template is closed. We work in groups, the coach is happy with the addition of Carlos Kameni and are happy with this template, there is no need to change constantly," he added. Regarding the visit of FC Barcelona on Sunday, confident in the possibilities of Malaga begins to need the victory. "We think we can win. No doubt, Barcelona is a wonderful team that has three or four years sweeping, but as a sportsman can not imagine that we can not win," he said. (via MD)