21 January 2012

[Ex president] Gaspart: "Pepe has offended all of us who love football"

The Blaugrana expresident believes he should apologize and not in a way so "light" than it did.

Vice President of the Spanish Football Federation and wxpresident of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Gaspart, said in an interview on 'El matí' de Catalunya Radio that the Real Madrid player Pepe deserves punishment because he believes that Messi was stomp an assault.

Joan Gaspart believes that Pepe had to apologize in a more clear picture of how he did: "I think we still have time to do so, and thus as' light 'how about saying,' Well, if one has bothered. .. ! Man! If almost breaks her hand and then you tell if you have bothered ... It is clear that bothered, has offended and insulted us all that we love football. Pepe still has room to apologize for truth. "

For the expresident barcelonista, ​​the punishment could fall Pepe is not the highlight of the event: "The penalty shall be that, if no penalty, but for me this is not the most important, the most important a person and a player, do not argue that it is a great professional, recognize that it is wrong and say publicly. And above all, not to say that only apologizes to Messi, but he will not say more. "

Gaspart noted that the Federation will be asked to act ex officio against Real Madrid, "is directly the Competition Committee who assumes or is not assumed. The Federation never asks the Competition Committee. Or is the record of the referee requiring the Competition Committee to enter into the subject or is the same committee, they are people who look like us on television and see everyone who has spoken on this subject, who decide whether acts or no. " (via SPORT)