09 January 2012

[Ex-player] Sonny Anderson: Would so strong Messi be without Xavi and Iniesta?

The Brazilian ex-forward of Barça analyzed the beginnings of Xavi Hernández in the club, when they met in the first team, and showed his face prefrencias Ballon d'Or.

Sonny Anderson was pronounced for the popular French magazine France Football, responsible for the Ballon d'Or award with FIFA, before the conclusion of the gala, scheduled for Monday January 9.

The Brazilian ex-footballer played for FC Barcelona between 1997 and 1999 and shared the team with Xavi Hernandez during their stay at Barça, just as the egarense barely started playing with the first team.

On the de Terrassa, Anderson gave a precise and shared by many: "He is the Barça's brain."

The exblaugrana dedicated a few words to analyze Xavi Hernandez in the first stage, since he "came from time to time to train with the first team in 1997" until "in my second season became one of the group."

Obviously, at that time, Xavi was learning alongside the "big" and disputed minutes occasionally, but Sonny remembers that "everybody was talking about that Guardiola would substitute."

"Of course it was not the leader it is today, but his game he had the key to Barcelona and always wanted the ball and the game passed him. Showed a strong personality in the field and had no problems in taking responsibility, despite their age. Xavi was very important to touch the ball often, "said Sonny Anderson on the candidate to win the Ballon d'Or.

In contrast to the strong personality as Anderson showed in the field, Brazil noted that "whereas in the locker room was very discreet. He came on tiptoe, and always showed great respect throughout the world. You could tell they listened especially Guardiola and other major players like Figo. "

The ex-forward of Barça wanted to tinge what believes that Guardiola supposed for Xavi: "Guardiola learned a lot by watching, but not copied, always tried to do things their own way and stand out from Pep. This has led him, today, has acquired a new dimension to the experience he has acquired. " Without doubt, wanted to make clear that Guardiola extract Xavi knew what he needed and adapt to their conditions and qualities.

When asked about the current version of Xavi, Anderson could not help but surrender to the feet of egarense: "It can be at the beginning and in the Conclusions of the action as it has been able to project forward and score goals."

"Almost always the right decision, sees everything before everyone else, allowing you to anticipate your game. When action happens, he already has in mind the following two that are coming," namely Sonny Anderson.

However, in conclusion, Anderson was uncovered and said his favorite for the Ballon d'Or is Xavi, but Messi: "For me, the artist of Messi deserves the Ballon d'Or. He who controls the game and what develops is Xavi, but the difference is marking Messi. That leaves a player like him, is very rare in football. "

And he left a doubt in the air: "Would it be so hard without Xavi Messi and Iniesta? This is the question." (via SPORT)