26 January 2012

[Ex-player] Sergi Barjuán: "Guardiola has something of a psychologist, knows which key to play"

Sergi left the Barca Juvenil B for a career in professional football, waiting for a good deal has been done by players without a team of AFE.

Sergi Barjuan (Les Franqueses, 1971) aims to implement the logic football from the sidelines of a reference computer. Former Dream Team left full-back for half a year left the Barca Juvenil B do despite being offered a renewal, because I wanted to make the jump to professional football. After several months talking with coaches and gathering experience, Sergi has taken over the third edition of the Sessions of the AFE for players without a team (from 13 to 26 January). The aim is to direct his own project from next season.

Is there a difference between training in a club or players without a team lead?

A huge difference. The most important thing is to encourage them psychologically and highlight their strengths, because some are touched.

In addition to coach should be a psychologist ...

All technicians must have that feature, the coach's success depends on that skill in a few per cent higher, so that in moments of weakness of a player can animate quickly.

Guardiola seems to have this quality well developed ...

Yes, you are part of a psychologist. After four years, and with how many titles they have achieved, shows he can play the key just to motivate them.

He left the club in search of a career, how he has been these months?

I've been talking to coaches and looking for ideas, when you leave the train with Barca know the philosophy of the club but on other computers may not have players with the same characteristics.

Do you think that was right out of the club?

When you see that you do not have the opportunity to prosper and make a decision you must believe in what you do. Had he linked with Barca's youth teams have ever come looking for me.

Do the doors still open club?

That is a very distant, once told me that there were other people ahead and should change a lot. The gates never be closed, but my goal is to train a team of First or Second or a major European league.

As a former left-back, how about the names that appear to strengthen the position (Jordi Alba, Gareth Bale ...)?

First you have to be aware of what needs to Barcelona and Pep knows that alone. Alba has a plus and you know Barcelona's youth system and has a lot to get Bale, a great shot did the fortunes of Barca is that every player will want me to get ahead. The player who comes to be versatile.

As a connoisseur of grassroots football Barca, who is more prepared for the first team?

This Barça is taking minutes to many players such rotations B and help them emotionally. But the base of the team is very young and should have patience.