20 January 2012

[Ex-player] Schuster: "Pepe when you put the shirt is another guy"

The former Real Madrid coach Bernd Schuster passed on Radio Marca and Pepe came to the defense, while acknowledging that "when you put the shirt is another person".

"I will not say how good it is Pepe, what a good person he is, a great professional, he has to be in Madrid. We must not exaggerate more. It is an ugly gesture, but now we see everything in the field . The Migueli, Iron, Ayala gave up ... All in the neck, but now we see everything. In my time, the spittle flying in all matches. Now, with so many cameras, we see everything, and not pretty. Pepe, Casquero from the day I do not know what happened. It's weird, if you know him closely, you can not explain. These are the typical players are transformed, as happened to Stoichkov, who at short distances is a phenomenal rate. It's like security guards, who are at the stage of uniform, wearing it is other people. Pepe when you put the shirt is another guy. Mou knows how to use these things and sometimes it happens. You can be in Madrid for their quality. It has been applauded at the Bernabeu for his bravery. These small details make him much harm, but will regain the ground game, "said Schuster. (via SPORT)