24 January 2012

[Ex-player] Luis Suárez: "Knowing Mou, I think he prepares his exit"

"He has a way of being, doing and saying things that are inevitably or with you 100% or 200% against it," said Luis Suárez exfootballer "Primer Toque" of Onda Cero.

Luis Suárez, explayer of Barcelona and Inter Milan, among others, and current coach of Italian side secretary, said last night at the "Primer Toque" of Onda Cero that Jose Mourinho "has a way of being, doing and saying things that inevitably or you're with you 100% or 200% against him. "

"Just what causes it, is part of his character. Known for how it started in Milan before going, I think it is preparing to exit. I do not know how or what way because it's up to him, but I get the feeling that is preparing the change of scenery, "said Suárez, who agreed with Mourinho at Inter.

In addition, also spoke Cup Classic on Wednesday, which believes that all Pep Guardiola has an advantage but is not all said: "No one can trust and never against a great team like Real Madrid, but has many advantages for Barcelona. It has a kind of game that is very difficult to counter. It has a lot of security in his possession. Then have many solutions, and more importantly we know what it is, Messi ".

Finally, he reviewed the great moment that the Spanish footballers live and asked for if some of them would deserve to be taken the Ballon d'Or he responded: "Mainly in these last years it has deserved it more than one. The Spanish players, the Spanish Selection in this case, they are making extraordinary things, outside of the norm. When I meet tell them not realize what they have done. The day I stop playing will notice it, because others will not be able to do what they are doing them. " (via AS)