09 January 2012

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "It is late for reconciliarme with Van Gaal"

The ex-coach azulgrana has clear that its dispute with the also Dutch Louis van Gaal is not solucionable.

The Dutch football ex-star Johan Cruyff is quite clear in his dispute with his archenemy open Louis van Gaal: "It's too late to reconcile with him," said the former number 14 to web portal Dutch "Voetbal International." Cruyff has declared a "open war" against the direction of Ajax for authorizing, without consulting the signing of ex-coach as future general director of the Dutch club starting from July. It has even taken to Ajax before the tribunals to refute that decision that considers "illegal." Cruyff, who holds the post of sports consultant at Ajax, has zero personal chemistry with Van Gaal. "Our characters are at odds, we have a completely opposite view of football.

It's too late for any reconciliation with Van Gaal," said Cruyff Dutch sports publication. To try to reconcile positions, the direction of club Venice of the North announced it is preparing a meeting between the two. However, Cruyff does not seem very inclined to shake hands with his rival.

Club president, Henny Henrichs, has made several "snapshots of contact" between Cruyff and Van Gaal with the aim of closing the dispute and that both can stay in the Dutch club, currently low hours in the local league and greening their past laurels for sport in Holland and Cruyff Europa.La opinion is clear: "In short ... it would be a castástrofe" he said in reference to a possible cooperation between the two. (via SPORT)