10 January 2012

[Ex-player] Belleti: "Barça also has the best physical shape of the world"

Julian Belletti spoken in Brazil about the victory of Barça in Club World Cup their physical preparation and the team mentality that reigns highlighting.

One of the heroes of the Champions League final that Barca won in Paris in 2006, Juliano Belletti, spoke for the Brazilian channel 'SPORTV' over FC Barcelona and its recent conquest of the Club World Cup against the Santos of Neymar.

The ex Barca right full-back between 2004 and 2007 analyzed the physical form of Barça and had no qualms in admitting that "Barca is also the best in the world in terms of physical condition."

The Brazilian, who scored that gave the victory to FC Barcelona in Saint-Denis against Arsenal (2-1), argued that "the attackers have the physical capacity of a medium or a defense, which can not be found in Brazil ".

Belletti emphasized the preparation undertaken by Barça, giving priority to the ball even in the preseason: "There are always exercises with the ball, also the preseason, everything revolves around the ball, even the trainer took advantage of it for athletic work. "

However, the exblaugrana said, in conclusion, that the key to this team is the union of self and collective work. (via SPORT)