05 January 2012

[Ex-player] Amor: "Guardiola has everything"

A key to the success of Barcelona is its firm commitment to the cantera, reaffirmed by the new Masia.

The technical director of the football formative blaugrana, Guillermo Amor, discussed today the club in an interview with Barca TV and 'fcbarcelona.cat'. The member of the Dream Team strongly advocates continued Guardiola.

"What interests us a lot to do Pep and I think it will, because it is good for everyone. The situation of the first team is very good, has a chance to win it all, is at home, is very dear and is at ease. Pep has a very clear commitment and strong belief in the boys in the home, which gives us great confidence to continue working. I hope to continue many years. Apart from the self-esteem, knows a lot about football, is great is it a professional and Barcelona .. . It has everything, "said Amor The head of football training emphasized the importance of the new Masia: "It works perfectly and is a great benefit to all. Most children feel at home and have everything Ciutat Esportiva "." The facilities are superb and we belong to Area Football and we share a communication space from minute to minute, "continued the exfutbolista Barça.

Finally, said Messi deserves the Ballon d'Or: "He has shown and continues to demonstrate that it is the number one, but more remarkable is that Xavi and there are also two players from the home. And they could be more, as Iniesta last year. " (via SPORT)