18 January 2012

The evolution of the injury to David Villa is "better than expected"

'El Brujo' presented their foundation and bet on the forward of Barça whose father also gave for fact that he will be able to begin to train in March.

The name of David Villa was very present in the setting of long official of the Foundation 'Quini-Hermanos Castro' that yesterday he took place in the City council of Gijón. The Barcelona forward is still recovering from the broken tibia suffered in the Club World Cup in Japan and could not move to the presentation, but sent a video Quini support and those who accompany him on this adventure of solidarity.

His father, Mel Villa, was commissioned to represent him. Villa's family maintains an excellent relationship with Quini since Guaje `Did you start out on the football school of dizziness. The former Barca, now Sporting delegate, said that Villa is evolving in a positive way of his injury. "In February or March will begin to run and play ball," said Quini, "I'm sure it will be in Euro and will be the top scorer."

The player's father also pointed to the most optimistic. "Everything is going much better than expected," he said, "and is able to support the foot and working hard, both clinically and in the ciudad deportiva." Mel Villa also said the Barca '7' "takes things too early, and exercising at the gym and we hope that all goes well in order to run in March. David will be on top, that's for sure. "

Presided over by the exárbitro Manuel Enrique Mejuto González, the foundation of the former footballer of Barça he/she is born with the objective of helping through the sport to the children more desfavorecidos and also to start a personal museum with all the objects, documents and "treasures" that the 'Brujo' accumulated throughout his sport career. The museum is installed in the Town of Asturias, a facility located in front of the stage of The Molinón.

The spirit of the foundation responds to the memory of Jesus Castro, Sporting Gijon goalkeeper and Quini brother, who died in 1993 in Cantabria beach while trying to save two children who were about to drown.

David Villa will see the first clásico of 2012 for television, while continues recovering of the lesion with the help of a version 'mini' of the magnetoterapia, the machine that stimulates a bigger assimilation of the calcium and that allows to help to weld the affected bone before. Since the beginning of the year, the player uses a similar device, but smaller, to sleep every night. (via SPORT)