14 January 2012

Eusebio: "Deulofeu should work from the humility"

Barça B coach sent a message to the promising striker after Riudarenes make gestures of disapproval to be replaced on Saturday against Las Palmas in the Miniestadi.

The coach of FC Barcelona subsidiary, Eusebio Sacristan, a message sent on Friday to end Gerard Deulofeu, after that of Riudarenes was replaced last Saturday against Las Palmas between apparent disapproval.

"I think he has seen throughout his career so far has been relatively easy to highlight their features, but in professional football players are needed now complete in all facets of game," said Eusebio.

Subsidiary coach revealed that the player is working to improve, but stressed that it must do so from humility. "He's working and improving and it has to continue from the humility, to continue to grow and become the great player we hope will be," he said. (via SPORT)