03 January 2012

Espanyol continues without giving entrances to Barça for the derby

Joan Collet, Espanyol's CEO, confirmed that there will be no tickets available for FC Barcelona derby.

Espanyol's CEO, Joan Collet, confirmed that it will continue without giving Barca tickets for the derby next Sunday: "We won't give any package of entrances to Barcelona because Barça neither becomes responsible for where go to stop like we make us with people of the Curve", said Collet in the program 'Esports COPE'.

"For socio the match against Barcelona is the most important," said Collet. "I was excited to beat Barca and Real Madrid because they are the most powerful and gives you prestige. In addition Barça is the rival citizen and three points would be very special. What happens is that it is increasingly difficult because of the difference between Barcelona, ​​Madrid and the rest but we have a competitive team and we can not rule anything, "added the CEO of Espanyol.

On the sale of tickets for the game Collet commented: "The time is very bad and we impact on the box office. I do not know if it will be filled. The partners have complained they can not take the kids to the game". (via SPORT)