08 January 2012

Espanyol-Barça derby championship

"To win in Cornellà is key for the League", the message that has given Pep Barça.
Pochettino waits that, with the help of the tier, Espanyol thinks that "can win."

The derby is traditionally the main event of the season for Espanyol and Barça although there are many more, when Pep Guardiola said that "of all parties of the year is always special and it certainly is" sounds with a singular sincerity. And the evidence that there was a phrase for what the press is Barca coach told his players yesterday: "This derby is vital to winning the league."

Guardiola usually speaks with great respect of any of its rivals, but there are times when his speech shows more feeling. As culé crib, knows the desire of Espanyol when playing against Barca . The Espanyol have not won the derby since it premiered Cornellà-El Prat, a motivation evident to them that is offset by the need for Barca to not give more points to Real Madrid in the fight for the lead and the presence of many homegrown living the rivalry with the same intensity as their colleagues parrots and also the ever-present memory 'Tamudazo' which, not long ago, took a great title to Barca. If, besides all that, the derby is used to release the League in 2012, passion is assured.

The crowd-white, which sets the stage for today's derby usual, is eager to take revenge from 1-5 last season, including the tie that in the first Espanyol-Barça played at the new stadium 'parrot' Guardiola was subsequently assessed as "a key point to win" one of his three consecutive league. The last victory Espanya l in a local derby and there was even in his old house, in Montjuïc, in the 2006-2007 season. The aspiration to enter zone 'Europa League' is a further incentive for Espanyol in a derby between two clubs which today look more than ever, their quarries.

The Barcelona is drawing a great track record. His last loss was against Getafe and has since been all joy for the fans of the Camp Nou, and joys of truth. Took the lead at the Bernabeu and was proclaimed world champion continued in Japan. From Real Madrid 1-3 in the four games played by the Barcelona -two World Cup and two-marker has been 21-0.

The moment it reaches the derby is strategic in terms of recognition for Barca Guardiola aims for win number 100 in the League to celebrate his election as sung best coach in the world, an award that will be delivered in Zurich tomorrow at a gala Leo Messi that will crown his third straight Gold Ball and Xavi Hernandez will put back on the podium of the largest.

With low and assumed to David Villa and Ibrahim Afellay , the Barça had the great news yesterday of discharge from Andres Iniesta, recovered from the hamstring injury in his left leg. The Return of the '8 'gives Guardiola the opportunity to face the derby with a gala lineup, except for low annotated Villa . Be seen whether the coach bet again by a defense of three or four retrieves. Espanyol Javi Lopez recovered, but still without Raúl Baena, Walter Pandiani and Javi Marquez.

If Barcelona is virtually confirm their presence in the quarterfinals of the Cup, the memory coolest Espanyol is in the same tournament, a 2-1 in Cordoba, which will force you to take very seriously back at Cornellà. If Guardiola almost always choose to moderate euphoria culé environment, fellow Espanyol, Mauricio Pochettino , turned to the opposite mood, appealing to blue and white pride.

"You cannot go to the game thinking that you cannot win Barça... We will go to for them from the first minute." To Guardiola it won't plunder him of surprise. "The field of Espanyol was historically complicated for us. It was Sarrià, it was Montjuïc and it is Cornellà." For that reason you go key to win the League to win today the derby. (via MD)