26 January 2012

Did Pepe try to step Alves?

The centre-back of Madrid committed a foul on Dani Alves strongly and immediately faked with stomping when the Barca side was writhing in pain on the pitch.

It was the 91 minutes of the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid when Pepe, center of attention after his violent actions in the first leg, made a strong foul on Dani Alves that cost him a yellow card.

Live around the Camp Nou could see the hardness of the action, in which the Portuguese central ball did not touch at any time. The controversy exploded seconds later, to witness the repetition of the action and watch the attitude of Pepe.

The centre-back of Real Madrid, with Dani Alves grieving on the floor, made an unusual jump with his left leg, which does not correspond to a normal trot and it appears that there was intent to tread or side kick to Barca.

However, the action is not as clear as stomp on Leo Messi in the first leg and raises certain questions. It is, however, other actions you can take that to speak after the previous severe Pepe treasured in their curriculum. (via SPORT)