12 January 2012

Di Stefano, "How do I care about the Ballon d'Or of Messi?"

"Messi is an immeasurable talent. He has shown the whole world".

The honorary president of Real Madrid , Di Stefano, had been characterized so far by the estate would always have to preside at the White House, hence his recent remarks surprised.

Di Stefano has praised the play of Barca , but has downplayed the success of Leo to achieve the three gold balls in a row with these words: "What do I care that Leo Messi has three Ballon d'Ors? I have two, and one is 25 years. It is a merit of all partners. is given for winning games, but do not think that one wins the game. " Some statements made ​​after the presentation of the Advisory Board of the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) is part of that.

A tone somewhat surprising, since Di Stefano always had words of praise to Leo, who went on to say that he delighted with his goals, "as long as the check is not to Madrid", and "has a immeasurable talent. He has demonstrated to the world. "

Di Stefano has refused to comment on the potential to enter the crossing of the Copa del Rey that might bring back two great classics, but it has been suggested that the public understands the whistles to Cristiano Ronaldo , "because the public has the right to what you want because it is paid. always right and what you want is the effort of player. "

Messi has a Ballon d'Or more than Di Stefano. The honorary president of Real Madrid, born in Barry (Argentina) won two Ballon d'Or the years 1957 and 1959 , for three consecutive Leo Messi has achieved. Of course, both are the only Argentine players who have achieved this distinction, since Diego Maradona never got it. (via MD)