02 January 2012

Damià, the 'hard worker' who fulfilled his dream

The Figueres is experiencing its best period as a player in Pamplona, ​​where he feels "very comfortable".

At 22, Damià Abella played in Second Division B, in Figueres. Today, eight seasons later, is consolidated in the First Division footballer playing for Osasuna. To say that no one has given nothing is a topic that defines if the path reliably.

The appearance of Barça was good to give a vital push to its career, first as player of the branch and, later, appearing in the first team 'debuted in the League before Athletic October 30 2004', a window that was good him to be made a place in First Division.

He played on loan at Racing, went to Betis, Barca and detached, and now in its second season in the Navarre. During these years, has had to fight against various injuries. One of them, which suffered in the hip playing for Racing at the end of the 05-06, prevented him from playing a single match in their first year at Betis. He never gave up and now reaps the fruits of his perseverance. "It was a year gorgeous. I'm very comfortable at Osasuna. I'm happy with my life here and hope to be a long time, "he told a news conference. Damià Abella obtained, at 29 years the award has been looking for a lifetime. (via SPORT)